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Senior Functional Consultant (Oddo)

Ahmedabad, India

    •         Responsibilities:

                           (1)    Understand customer requirements and functional consulting tasks on existing Odoo apps.

                           (2)    Odoo functional support with all interconnected modules.

                           (3)    Working knowledge of E-Commerce and ERP systems.

                           (4)    Working experience in Odoo version 11, 12, 13, 14 Community and Enterprise Edition.

                           (5)    Ensure all customised flow strongly.

                           (6)    Providing Guidance to achieve goals with minimal customisation to developers.

                           (7)    White box testing with Odoo python code.

                           (8)    Functional expert for CRM, sale, purchase, Warehouse, Accounting, massmail, MRP,contact, subscription,helpdesk, PLM, fleet Management, Website e-commerce, integration, HR, Timesheet, Payroll, Expense, Event management, POS, survey, Recruitment, Leaves, Maintenance,Odoo project management, Cost and revenue, Accounting Assets, payble, receivable, fixed assets, current assets, Liability, Liquidity, Income, expense, bank and Cash, Analyse customer requirement and documentation.

                           (9)    Well known for Access rights and record rule for all ERP Knowledge for all Accounting reports.

                           (10)  All Odoo versions configuration Front-end and Back-end management.

                           (11)  Code review for odoo Python, XML, odoo CSV, for all MVC structure.

                           (12)  Functional testing & Integration Testing.

                           (13)  Odoo server management, Create server with new Port with .conf and server file.

                           (14)   Git hub, Bitbucket repo management for better code review, code push, pull operation.

                           (15)  Odoo settings and Configuration.

                           (16)  PostgreSQL, Odoo database, Queries Odoo Multi company settings and multi company management.

                           (17)  Translation for Odoo system with PO file.

                           (18)  Import/Export operation.

                           (19)  Delivery of projects to client based on timeline.


    • Responsibilities

                             (1)    4+ Years.


    • Salary:

                             (1)    NO BAR FOR THE RIGHT CANDIDATE