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Easy Hospital Management software

List of Modules with various features


Core module to manage information about your hospital, Hospital departments, Patients, Nurse, and Doctors.


Patient Hospitalization procedures like a pre-hospitalization checklist, care plan, Surgery.


Manage laboratory investigation requests and their outcomes in the system.

Webcam & Barcode Integration

Set your patient images directly using a webcam. Unique Barcode to avoid any name conflicts.


Special flow for gynecologists to manage their required details and reports.


Special module for Urology related flow and information management.


Certification Management to allocate certificates to your patient on request.

Appointment & Prescription

Patient Appointment management so you can complete your patient visit in min time with having total details of past visits.

Care plan

Care plan management for the hospitalized patient can be done by Nursing staff.

Facility Management

Cleanliness is the heart of a Hospital So manage your facility schedules and procedures more efficiently.


Vaccination management by having a total history and advance reminders for your schedules.


Pediatric flow to manage track of baby weight, activity, responses, medicines, vaccination.


Manage your Consultation, Admission, Surgery, and Hospitalization billing.

Operation Theatre Booking

Easily manage your Operation Theater planning in advance for maximum utilization and avoid conflicts.


Direct access of Indore and outdoor patient prescriptions to your pharmacy. Barcode integration for medicines.

Patient Portal

The patient can have access to all their details and they can book and pay for appointments online.

SMS Notification & Reminder

Sent automatic messages on appointments and hospitalization. Advance notification for an appointment.


Manage Patients' all exrays. Fitness reports and their exercise details.

Medical Representative

Medical Representative details, their visit appointments schedules, and appointment history.

This Application provides total solution for your hospital

If you want to use this functionality just intstall one module.
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