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Inside Sales Executive

Ahmedabad, India


      •  Requirements and Qualifications:
            (1)    Comfortable making cold calls and talking to new people all day.

                                  (2)    Excellent verbal and written communication skills; the ability to call, connect and interact with potential customers.

                                  (3)    Persuasive and goal-oriented.

                                  (4)    Possesses an energetic, outgoing, and friendly demeanour.

                                  (5)    Eager to expand company with new sales, clients, and territories.

                                  (6)    Self-motivated and self-directed.

                                  (7)    Able to multitask, prioritise, and manage time efficiently.

                                  (8)    In-depth understanding of company services and its position in the industry.

                                  (9)    Tenacity to handle rejection and continue on with a positive attitude when reaching next potential client.

                                  (10)    Knowledge of sales process from initiation to close.

                                  (11)    Ability to work independently or as an active member of a team.

                                  (12)    Previous experience in outbound call centre, inside sales experience, or related sales experience preferred.

                                  (13)    Strong computer skills, including Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel) and CRM/Salesforce experience preferred.

      • Inside Sales Key Result Area:

                                 (1)    Cold calling; making multiple outbound calls to potential clients.

                                 (2)    Understanding client needs and offering solutions and support.

                                 (3)    Researching potential leads from business directories, web searches, or digital resources.

                                 (4)    Qualifying leads from digital campaigns, conferences, references, trade-shows, etc.

                                 (5)    Creating and maintaining a list/database of prospect clients.

                                 (6)    Presenting and delivering information to potential clients.

                                 (7)    Answering potential client questions and follow-up call questions.

                                 (8)    Working with sales team when closing sale.

                                 (9)    Tracking weekly, monthly, and quarterly performance and sales metrics.

                                 (10)    Building pipelines with channel partners and team members to close sales.

                                 (11)    Maintaining database (CRM, Excel, etc.) of prospective client information.

                                 (12)    Closing sales and working with client through closing process.